How To Start?

How To Start?


If you never driven a car before or lost your drivers license you must apply for theory exam. This needs to be done on website The cost of this exam is 40,60 euro which can be paid via laser or visa credit card. If you have problems with English I can help you to make this application and I shall explain to you everything. It is also possible to aqcuire theory exam questions in Polish.

Theory Test

After you applied for your theory test ( you will recieve email confirmation. The facility located on north side of Dublin is in Santry Business Park, and facility on south side of Dublin is on Barrow Street (across from Google offices). The exact location is displayed on the map when you apply. On the day of the exam you must be 15 minutes earlier. There will be 40 questions on this exam there are only 5 mistakes allowed in order to pass. There are about 850 questions to be learned. If you wish you can have your exam translated but it needs to be indicated on your application. This is the fieled named "Do you have any special needs?" and there is section "Language Translation" and you must tick your desired language. After the completion of your theory exam you shall recieve a certificate that states that you passed your exam. It is a large card with your picture. Bear in mind that this is not a Learner Permit yet. After passing of your theory exam you must then make yourself learner permit.
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Essential Driving Training - Mandatory Practical Course

It is mandatory to have at least 12 lessons that must be completed before you are allowed to attend practical drive exam. The mandatory procedure of this number of lessons was made on 5th of April 2011. This applies to all who recieved their Learner Permit after this date. Road Safety Authority recommends that this course of lessons should start right after you passed your theory exam and recieved Learner Permit. The course is designed for people with basic driving skills or that practice in between the lessons, as well as for total beginners.

People who can drive or been made familiar with basic driving skills - moving off, stopping turning, crossing the junction - will need to do only 12 hours of practical lessons. Beginners who start from absolute zero or been only a couple of times behind the wheel but have no real basics will not learn how to drive in the course of 12 lessons. In this case Road Safety Authority (RSA) recommends to take up additional practice with Approved Driving INstructor (ADI).

With such people I make a 24 hour course - 12 meetings for 2 hours each. Only this ensures security and confidence that given person will learn to drive safely and shall recieve a solid basics to proceed with further learning of driving a car with their Sponsor. There is also a medium option. Beginner will practice in between the lessons with their Sponsor about 2-4 hours in between every lesson with their ADI. In this case it is possible to complete the course within 12 hours of lesson. However it requires a great deal of sacrifice and time put into it from both the student and Sponsor who will take up practicing and learning. It must be a patient and understanding person, with whom you will feel comfortable and secure. This is the most popular option because in most cases your Sponsor has no direct control over the vehicle you're driving.

If you are unsure about which option would suit you best, your instructor will advice and help you to pick the right one. You can also attend single hour lessons in which I shall evaluate your level of skills and will advice you in your driving studies. From my years of experience I see that in most cases 10 or 12 hours is not enough to get hold of solid basics.
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Full License Test

Exam is composed out of few parts. Theory - questions on rules of the road in the office, Under the bonnet - test of technical knowledge of the parts of the car, and then actual driving test. The driving tester will also check the state of your tyres and lights. You will be asked to show your Learner Permit and then to show your logbook as a proof of completing your mandatory 12 hour lesson course. Do not worry, before the actual exam Bartek will explain to you everything needed before you attend your exam. There are also questions inside the car- checking of controls knowledge such as dipped lights, heater, hazard warning lights ect. This happens right after you move off and start your driving part of the exam. On the driving test there will be a number of aspects taken into account: observation, reaction to hazardous situations, using your mirrors, overtaking and passing within the safe distance, indicators, driving dynamics, using of gear box, clutch, break and acceleration pedals, giving way, obeying of road signs, lines and traffic lights. You will also be asked to perform some manouvers which include reversing and turning around. All of those aspects will be carefully practiced and performed on your pre-test.

If you will pass your driving exam you will recieve a certificate which you must take to motor tax office. Regardless of the outcome of your exam you will also recieve a check card with your flaws and mistakes you made at the exam. Remember not to throw it out, it will be essential upon your next exam. Before next exam you must correct your mistakes as well as to take another pre-test in order to ensure that your skills are good enough to pass your exam.
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