Single Driving Lessons
  • 1 single hour - 40 e
  • 1,5 hour/pre-test - 60
  • 2 single hours - 80
MINI PACKAGE - 150 - For Who?

For learner who don't have a much time and want to very quicly prepare for their driving test. For a people who didn't drive for very long time and just need a remind how to drive.

Driving Courses:

Startting Essential Standard Course - 12 hours - 400 (33/h) * - On the first time basic skills. It is ESSENTIAL to learn basics aspects of driving. This course IS NOT FULLY Essential Driving Training.

< /> * This course does not guarantee safe driving skills and complete Essential Driving Training. It just covers very basics aspects of driving. To cover all aspects it is needed to complete of additional driving lessons with Approved Driving Instructor. In most cases it is 12 additional driving hours.

Full Course For Beginners/ Full Essential Driving Training - 24h+2 hours (2h for free so 62euro gift!) - 750 (31,25/h). ** - From the very start to independent driving. (It is possible to pay for that in two instalments - terms and condition apply).

**This course is crucial to cover ALL aspects of driving. After that course Learner Driviver can be sure of good knowledge and understanding of driving. This is also needed to complete Essential Driving Training.

Reviewing Driving Course/Crash Course before Your Test - 6 hours - 215 (35,83/h). ***

*** For people who want to refresh their driving skills or have get solid preparation fot their driving test.

If You are not sure which course is adequate for You please talk to me about that. We will choose the best option for You.

Rent a car for a driving test
  • Rent a car for a driving test - including 1 hour of driving or pre-test - €140 e
  • Rent a car (included 1h) and + 2 hours 220 (in total 3 hours and a car for a driving test)
  • Rent a car (included 1h) + 4 hours 260 (in total 5 hours and a car for a driving test)
  • Rent a car (included 1h) + 6 hours 320 (in total 7 hours and a car for a driving test
  • List of all questions for the full driving test - 10
  • Lights in the car - 5
Instructor Course
  • Full course- 20 hours- 1400 e
  • 2nd stage (driving ability) - 1 hour - 50
  • 3rd stage (teaching ability) 1 hour- 70

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