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Bartek Iwanski was born and raised in Wroclaw(Poland). He finished there secondary school. He also graduate postsecondary school "COBRA" Elite School of Security Stafff and Business. In the course of his studies, Bartek acquired a diverse knowledge of psychology, management and human behavior, which all complements his career as a driver instructor.

As a young man he always wanted to drive a car, and he had a passion for driving. He got his drivers license in Wroclaw at the first approach of his exam at the age of 19. His experience on the irish roads began in 2007, when he started to drive in Ireland.
Polonia Driving School
Bartek says about his motivation : " I always wanted to teach and I felt natural eagerness to educate people. Bartek has always found interest in cars and its boundaries with the career, so He claimed an opportunity, when becoming a driver instructor. This combination of a teaching career with his practical abilities, was an excellent way to start Bartek's instructor position, he is passionate about executing his duties as a driver instructor. Bartek finds in this a real satisfaction, as he knows that in teaching people to drive, he contributes to the reduction of the number of accidents on the roads.

Teaching how to drive, isn't only about the preparation for the exam. It is very important and responsible activity. In modern world, the possession of a car/vehicle is quite essential and certainly a common thing. That is why it is so important to learn how to drive safely and fluently, and acquiring those skills should leave plesant memories. It is an ability from which the driver will use through his/her lifetime, and those skills and behavior on the road could often save our lifes and prevent unpredicted events on the road.

Polonia Driving School
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