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Before contacting me about some information, take a look at this FAQ. The answer you are looking for might be just here.
  • 1. Does the car -on which I will drive- has the second set of pedals for the instructor and is it insured in case of an accident/emergency?

    Yes, those are the basics requirements to even become a driving instructor.

  • 2. Is Bartek an Approved Driving Instructor?

    Yes, he has an RSA approval, to teach in the whole of Ireland and has the Approved Driving Instructor license. My license number is F 35715.

  • 3. I would like to get my drivers license, where should I start?

    Firstly, You have to pass the theory examination and get Learner Permit. Please refer to the How to Start on this website.

  • 4. I have Learner Permit for some time now and I would like to get my full license, what do I have to do?

    You need to apply for it on the website www.rsa.ie Details about it can be obtained in the How to Start.

  • 5. Can I do my examination in my own, or the instructor's car?

    Yes You can do your examination on your own car, or rent a car of your instructor for the time of an examination.

  • 6. I work during the week. Can I have a lesson during the weekend?

    Yes, I am available on Saturdays until 4pm (16.00), however you need to let me know in advance and reserve a time.

  • 7. Can I do my theory examination in polish?

    Yes, but You need to say that on your application.

  • 8. Will the instructor come to my house for a lesson?

    Yes, on the area of whole of Dublin, the journey is already in the price.

  • 9. Do I have to complete some hours before exam or at the start?

    Yes. After 4th April 2011 all learner drivers MUST COMPLETE Essential Driving Training. It is 12 lessons and usually it is 24 driving lessons. If they will not meet this standard they can not apply for full license exam.

  • 10. How many hours do I have to complete to learn how to drive?

    It's depend. If You are driving already 12 hours is absolutely enough. However if You start from ZERO POINT and want to get solid basis 12 hours could't be enough. In this case many learner need at leat 24-30 hours with driving instructor to get solid basis skills. Then it's recommended to buy your own car and contiue to learn with Your sponsor. Another way is when You have already Your own car. In this way You need to practising a lot between each of lesson with Your sponsor's driver.

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